• Main Office and Exhibition Area – Academic Building No.2, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Apart from serving as office for administration and research, the space also serves as an exhibition area to demonstrate innovative medical devices and researches pioneered from the Centre.

  • Basic Research Laboratory – Prince of Wales Hospital

    The basic research lab serves as a platform to facilitate collaborative researches between clinicians and engineers from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering. Research teams from the two faculties will conduct important basic researches in the areas of nanorobotics, nanomaterials as well as technologies in imaging.

  • Animal Research Laboratory – Prince of Wales Hospital

    The animal research lab serves as a unique space for researchers and industrial partners to conduct preclinical experiments and tests for innovative medical devices and technologies prior to clinical application.

  • Multifunctional Research Laboratory – Prince of Wales Hospital

    The laboratory serves as a generic engineering laboratory to facilitate researches between clinicians and engineers. It allows researchers to carry out biomedical engineering research projects and testing in a clinical environment. Researchers can exchange ideas and thoughts immediately, build prototypes medical devices using 3D printing technologies and house a series of preclinical medical prototypes and devices in this space.